Assistive Listening Devices

While hearing aids are the primary source of help for those with hearing loss, some technologies can work to make everyday life even more comfortable. An example of this is Assistive Listening Devices.

At Ascent Audiology and Hearing, we offer several kinds of assisted devices (ALDs). They provide extra assistance in circumstances where you need it most. That typically means reducing barriers to the transmission of sound in certain places where the understanding of speech can be an issue, such as churches, conferences, and lecture halls.

Many ALDs can even connect to hearing aids to ensure the experience is more seamless. Think of them as a useful supplement to hearing aids. We are pleased to provide you with a range of devices that can give you the extra help you need. Below are a few examples of what we have to sell.

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Alarm clocks:

Our alarm clocks can emit up to 110 decibels of sound, and others also come with physical stimulation to alert you to consciousness in a more efficient manner.

Amplified Telephones:

These help you if your phone calls are often missed because of the ringer's low volume. They even come with amplified sound inside the unit, making it easier for those with hearing loss to continue the conversation. The volume can grow to 35 decibels.

Fire alarms:

These are a tremendously important safety tool in any household, particularly for those hard to hear. Specially created fire alarms will flash, and when triggered, emit sounds of up to 90 decibels. Many signals also provide physical alerts, which shake or vibrate the bed as an additional safety measure.