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Ascent Audiology & Hearing/Northville Hearing Aid Center

Hearing assessments identify hearing loss and provide you with information that will determine the best course of treatment. Many forms of hearing loss may be treated medically or surgically, so specific hearing loss types must be removed when considering hearing aids or other treatments. Here's what to expect when going for your hearing test.

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Customized Care & Solutions

If you have just decided to reconnect with the people around you, we can’t wait to help you get there.

Our Outlook

We believe that "The Patient Journey" is of utmost importance. Our patients ' needs and our dedication to their care are what inform our mission.

Hearing Benefits

We are a provider for retired teachers and UAW hearing benefits as well as a preferred Blue Cross Blue Shield provider. We participate with most insurances and also provide financing services for the purchase of hearing instruments. Please contact our office and we will be delighted to check your benefits.

Our Commitment to You

We 're committed to providing you with the highest quality of hearing care possible. Our pledge is also reflected in our Quality Policy, which is designed to ensure that compassionate personal care and only the best technology will support your journey to better hearing.

  • A full assessment with only the best testing available.
  • A complete lifestyle appraisal which will help identify your everyday hearing environments.
  • Audibility tests on all hearing aid fittings to ensure the best possible hearing correction.
  • An aural rehabilitation program to help you get the best out of your hearing aids.
  • Complete safety in our use of hearing aid technology.
  • Professional follow-up care.

Quality service that meets your high expectations.

  • Standard 30-day trial for all hearing aid fittings. (CA, WI, NM & MN: 45-day)
  • 60-day exchange window to switch to another size or hearing aid.

Our comprehensive warranty includes the following benefits:

  • Cleaning and adjusting your hearing aids as many times as you want.
  • One year of protection against loss.
  • Protection against corrosion and moisture.
  • The ability to make changes to your hearing aids remotely.
  • Software updates for your hearing aid.
  • Unlimited hearing aid evaluations.
  • Loaner hearing aids may be provided if factory maintenance is needed for your hearing aids and if we have them in stock.
  • A guaranteed trade-in value for your hearing aid.

With innovation and technological excellence, we continually improve the efficiency, quality, and value of our products and services. We help you throughout the life of your hearing aids and ensure your hearing aids have a higher trade-in value.