Hearing Aid Repairs

Even with regular maintenance, your hearing aids will eventually wear out due to prolonged use. At some point, all hearing aids will need to be repaired, even with meticulous care and attention. Don't worry, we’re here to help!

Any minor repairs to hearing aids can be made easily in our office, depending on what is wrong. Others would need to be sent for repair to the manufacturer. Prices can differ depending on the repair's complexity, whether your unit requires new parts and whether you are still under warranty.

Some specific repairs to a hearing aid include fixing or replacing:

  • A broken ear hook
  • A malfunctioning microphone
  • blocked tubing
  • The earmold
  • A damaged battery compartment

Unless the system is not turning on or generating sound, and you've done everything in the manual to get it to work, it's probably time to take it to us.

It is possible that we can fix it in the office, ensuring we can get your hearing aids back to you in double-quick time.

Each hearing aid comes with a warranty. If your device is under the warranty period, then the repair will not likely incur any costs. Bring in your hearing aids for those outside of the warranty, and we will tell you how much the fix is likely to cost. The price depends on the extent of the issue and whether you would need new replacement parts.

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